| M Y // S T O R Y |


We all have stories,

this is mine....


Born in a photography studio and raised by wolves, taking pictures and adventure is in my DNA....

O.K. I WASN’T born in a photography studio, but I was essentially raised in one and my mom isn’t a wolf, but she IS a beast and thanks to her I have had a camera in my hand since before I knew what ISO, depth of field, aperture and shutter speed even meant.

I have come a long way since then—I know what all those words mean— AND MORE. In fact, some people have even been convinced enough with my prowess behind the lens to hire me to take photos for them.

Nope I don’t do family portraits—sorry mom—but yes I do love taking photos of people, places and things in uncomfortable situations and extreme environments.

My background as a Marketer, Mountain Guide and Road Warrior have all convened to provide me with a set of skills to not only capture the images—where many others may not or cannot venture—but also leverage those images in ways only the most seasoned Marketers could fathom. The most seasoned Marketers taught me how to do it, I’m not THAT original.

So why hire me?

Well that’s the BIG question isn’t it. I mean with all the people out there with cameras and a computer anyone can be a “photographer” these days.

I’m different not only because I am just as comfy taking images in a studio as I am hanging 1,000ft off the ground, but I also have the background knowledge to deeply understand your marketing mix, branding message and desire to have a measurable ROI on all marketing campaigns your company runs.

I’m not just your photographer, I’m also your company's newest media ninja.